Viral Tawau was TaWOW!

Viral Tawau was TaWOW!

The first clean up event i ever launched, just one day bedore the event on a working day. I didn’t expect that a lot of people would show up, but:

👍🏼 23 volunteers showed up!!
👍🏼 We filled up 82 binbags in 3 hours!!
👍🏼 There where 2 kids <3
👍🏼 We had fun (and dirty hands :p )

There was a cooperative camera team from Caritoh photography that did a great job (after movie will be up soon!) and so many nice people that were talking aware about our global problem. I’ve received a beautiful bracelet that one of the volunteers made for me as a gift (as you can see in the pictures) and one guy was even so inspired that he made a painting! 😀 I gave everybody one of my value coins as a token of gratitude.

One lady wanted to join but she had to work at her school, so she offered me to bring me to her favorite restaurant and payed for the meal <3 ! Meanwhile i met Andi Bu from, a guy with the same mindset and goal, so he also came for dinner 🙂 . Andy will do a charity run soon in Sabah (Check out his page and support him!)

One other guy sponsered the volunteers drinks and i still had a lot of spare binbags. I gave all the binbags and drinks to the school 🙃 At the end of the day i finished 4 interviews haha! So, more stuff is about to come 😀


I’ll be back there in august 🙂

Jaga diri 🌏 !

c/p from page : The Trashpacker, #myTawau