Festival Sayangi Lahad Datu @ Silam

Festival Sayangi Lahad Datu @ Silam

Jom warga Lahad Datu, Tungku, Tawau & yg berhampiran ke Festival Sayangi Lahad Datu di Kompleks Sukan Lahad Datu.

Aktiviti menarik menanti anda!
Perkampungan Kraf, Food Truck, Persembahan Khas etnik tempatan (Idahan, Bajau Ubian, Cocos, Suluk Ladah Datu, Dusun Subpan Segama dll.

The festival is organised in an effort to enliven the local arts and cultural activities among the communities in Lahad Datu, and enhance the communities’ level of understanding and appreciation of arts, so that they can look forward towards the formation of a harmonious nation.

There are a lot of activities will be held such as exhibitions,art activities, special performances,traditional games, drawing competition, dance workshop and many more.

Date : 28-29 September 2018
Venue : Kompleks Sukan, Lahd Datu,Sabah

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